Starting at the beginning

Whilst I have been writing blogs for the past few years they have been about children’s books and also about the work that I do with schools.   You can find them at   which is “Margaret’s Reading Shelf” and  which is my site  “Growing the School Library”


2015-11-06 17.35.16

This fabulous saying was found on Facebook, so thank you to whoever posted it and to Robin Sharma, whom I assume wrote this saying.

With this site I have decided to broaden my thoughts to include any adult books, both fiction and non-fiction, that I have come across.  However the criteria is much the same – I only write about books that I have liked and I see no reason to be negative about other people’s work.

To start with I am going to highlight a few of the books that are still on my !to be read” list.  given that I spend most of my time reading children’s books it often takes a while to find time for some adult books.  Over the last few years it tends to be the non-fiction that gets looked at; this can be anything from Egyptology and General History to Crafts and Cookery.

I know that there are some amazing blogs out there, so I can only do my best to be as honest as I can be and to write what i am interested in.  I hope you enjoy.

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